We…. Sun God Replica love our first two albums, our primal “Primitive Clockwork” and our second, what they call the difficult sophomore “The Devil and the Deep”. But it wasn’t that difficult, it was actually just a natural step for us. We have not only found new fans here in Australia but further afield…from Spain to UK and France with our first two recordings.

Not to mention we got to tour at least some of these places last year. A run of shows with The Muffs made the tour all the more amazing. We even had a vinyl released on ‘Grabaciones de Impacto’ last year. A fantastic compalation “Devil’s Clockwork” that combined tunes from our first two discs. These have been the foundation on which we have built our latest album “Grandular Fever” which is slated for release on Beast Records (France) and Spooky Records (Australia). And we’re really excited about this.

As Link commented. “I could wax lyrical about this LP, using colorful metaphors, flowery language and superlatives but that’s just annoying, pretentious and desperate so I’ll just keep it simple. Countless days have been dedicated to the new record by team Sun God…..Myself, Lance, Lochie and producer / engineer Loki Lockwood. We spent hours to write, record and mix the perfect SGR album and we believe it shows. Going over each song with a fine toothed comb, we brushed, cleaned and combed again every song, then brushed them all just that little bit more. If there was a God, even that fool would admit that perfection is impossible (just look at a mole rat) but it doesn’t hurt to try.

So anyway…we’d like to get this LP Pressed to Vinyl and onto your turntable for your listening pleasure. In order to do this we’d like to ask for your assistance…Thanks for listening in advance”. Love SGR. X Click here to get involved!!!